Ice Cream

No Added Sugar and Great Taste

A modern classic take on indulgent desserts.

This delicious gourmet ice cream has zero added sugars and is sweetened with PureCircle’s next generation stevia leaf ingredients. These stevia leaf sweeteners have zero calories, sugar-like taste profile and are all non-GMO.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to help consumers and beverage and food companies reduce calories and sugar by using natural stevia leaf ingredients.

Our Five Flavors

This summer we launched five delicious flavors
of our gourmet, zero added sugar ice cream. Those flavors are: vanilla,
chocolate, salted caramel, coffee and our vegan rabanaberry

We are bringing great tasting ice cream to every corner of Chicago. Watch our video and learn more about how stevia leaf ingredients have made ice cream a guilt free indulgent treat!

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